Low light algae for DT?


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Hey everyone.

I'm looking for algaes that can grow in low lighting conditions and can be kept in the display tank for nutrient export + aesthetics.

I have a 135g (72" L x 18" W x 24" T) reef tank with 4 x 96w PC lights over it. I am looking add some macro algae to the tank to help maintain a more balanced and healthy system, as my skimmer leaves quite a bit to be desired.
The tank currently has a couple soft corals and LPS, along with 8 fish. Also, algaes am currently able to grow include: Hair algae, Dictyota, and Green fuzzy tip (Neomeris?).

Are there any algaes you recommed? I liked the look of halimedia, but I doubt my lighting is strong enough.

Thank you for your help.


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Many genus of Halimeda: some from low light conditions, some grow hard substrates, some grow soft substrates.

If you look at the Carrib collectors (Sea Life Inc et al), or email them, they should be able to hook you up with deeper water (30+ FT) Halimeda. H. incrassata and H. monile are nice ones from sandy areas. H. opuntia my favorite: small and densely packed blades forming prostrate mounds in crevices and at rock-sand interface, highly calcified and resistant to grazing. H. tuna one of the more weedy-ones IME, lightly calcified and prone to pop up in the middle of your favorite branching stony coral :( but a versatile and aggressive grower.

If your soft coral are large, stalked coral they can withstand encroachment from Caulerpa. Saw-blade Caulerpa and grape Caulerpa are pretty and light adaptable, but will wind their way into and over stony coral and prostrate coral like a Boston ivy vine winds into and chokes shrubbery. There are other Caulerpa that will stay confined to the sandbed.

Numerous pretty red algae that can be kept in low light. Most subject to grazing by surgeonfish other than the bristletooth clan. Halymenias especially nice; Gracillarias, Hypneas, and many others.