lowering calcium


Is there a way to lower calcium that is safe I checked mine and it is at 580 way to high. I took a sample to my lfs for a second opinion and they came up with the same thing. I mostly use instant ocean salt but I started using oceanic natural sea salt mix about a month ago and it's been going up. I don't dose calcium so it most be the salt mix.Also is it dangerous for the coral for the calcium to be that high?


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Switch to a different salt that is lower in calcium. How are you measuring the salinity of your tank? What is your alkalinity?


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Oceanic has tended to be extremely high in calcium. There isn't much information on the effects of high calcium. You could try measuring some freshly-mixed Oceanic.


I use a refractometer to check my sal tright now. I'm out of my alk. test kit I keep forgeting to grab one.