macro algae supplier in/to Canada


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Does anyone out there know of a supplier in Canada for macro algaes? Can they be shipped to Canada from an American distributor - kind of doubt it. Live in the Yukon so I pretty much need to mail order. Thanks
I looked into shipping into Canada a while back. One problem is customs and your version of Fish and Wildlife. The bigger problem is shippers. At least with FedEx and US Postal Service Express Mail, they will not do shippment of live or perishable product internationally. This would leave airport ot airport freight via the airlines as the only shipping option I'm aware of. If you could find a supplier that is convientient enough to an airport with freight service you might be able to work something out.
The brokerage fee from the courier will shock you.
And from what I know depending on how the algae is shipped they may die on you (can't handle the cold at all)