Magnet dust from PH's reef safe?


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Every now and then when I clean my power heads I see tiny dust size shavings from the magnets inside. This seems to be caused by abrasion from too much kalk build up. Should I be concerned about this dust getting into the water column? Thanks
Oh, that's certainly unusual. I'm not sure what they make the magnets out of, but I guess I'd try to keep them clean enough to reduce the amount.

What brand?
This has happened with my Tunze 6200's and a maxijet that is used in a kalk reactor. I would think this is very common since most powerheads use magnets. If there is friction between the positive and negative then they could wear.
Could be. I've never noticed any wear on my powerhead magnets, Hagen 802, for example, but other brands might be differentor perhaps I didn't look close enough.