making room a bunch of free stuff!!!!!!

Jeff Trout

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1.(2)-72in. white.VHO bulbs(know sure if both work but I think so)-Free
2.sea clone skimmer(no-pump)-Free
3. 48in strip light(did work when I stopped using have tried since)Free
4.dual 48in strip light(cant rember if both sides worked)-Free
5. 36in strip light (did work before also)-Free
6. 30in strip light(same as above)-Free
7. 19in stip light(does work I tried it)-Free(but pending)
8. kent marine photoplex (3/4 full bottle)-free
9.400w ballast(broke and dont know the name but its)-Free
10. Asm 4,5,6 collect cup with a drain in the bottom-$10
11.20L black(has a hoe drilled in the center of the bottom)$Free
12. 300w marineland submursible heater-$15
13. 4in filter sock holder (came from salty)$10
14. tunze 6045 w/magnet and holder (works but its loud.Tunze said to ship it in a they will fix it for free)$20


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i would like the 20l my dad is coming to get some lights from you so he could grab it for me?

also the skimmer and the tunze pump



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oh ya ... ohiobigdog :) sorry.. thanks :)

two actinic t5 lights is what hes getting .... could you also add the phytoplex? :D unless im asking for too much :)

thank you


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Jeff you gonna be around this weekend???

Also Joe if you need the ASM cup you can have it. I was just buying it to have an extra but if someone needs it more feel free.