Mantis Clicks...


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Whan a mantis clicks is it just a single click? Or could it be a 3 in a row? Or is it just however the mantis feels?
Mine makes those clicks when it's hammering away at the chunk of live rock it lives in. It's usually just one click at a time however. But they sometimes can be back to back.
Do you know if there is somewhere i could hear exactly what it is like... I herd 2 more today then another shortly after that. Its weird i dont know of any equipment that could make that noice... but i do not see a mantis anywhere.. and beleve me me and my family spend time lookin every night haha
I don't know how to describe the click that they make other than it's like 2 rocks hitting eachother underwater. I got my mantis from AttackDonut from here and it is like he said, VERY shy. The only time it comes out of the cave it has made it to grab food I offer it. It originally was in a 3 gallon eclipse but was moved when I got it home to a 10 gallon with blackend sides, back, and bottom. I hoped this would take some of the shyness out of it. No luck however. If you think you have a mantis try listening for the clicks while you're in front of the tank. If you can decide where it's coming from look for a cave or hole in a chunk of rock. If it's like my mantis all you'll see sticking out are it's eyes and antenna.
There is a hole im watching. Its kinda in the middle of a rock but at the opening of it is what looks to be escavated sand or "stuff" so im thinking maybe he is burrowing in there...
If you think you know where he is...
I usually (while lights on.. early or late, never mid-day) while watching the spot, will make "like" taps with a piece of metal on the acrylic.
Usually two taps...
Within moments I'll usually see his little eyes poking out to see what going on.

BTW, A mantis makes higher pitched click(s) and a pistol makes more of a deeper popping crack sound.
Once you hear the difference, IMO, they're quite distinct.
Niko. If you think you know where it's hole/cave/den is see if there's a time when the whole is gone or covered up. Mine closes up it's hole at certain times and you really can't even tell there is a hole there when it's closed. It's strange actually. It will open it around 6 am. It will close it around 9pm - 12 am, even if the lights are on in the tank. It also closes it when I feed it or whenever it's excavating inside of it to make it bigger. I had the tank mine was in crack last night. The bottom actually. I'm not sure of the reason exactly except that maybe it was an older tank. I have many 10 gallons from over the years and not sure how old that one was. Anyway "muddy" has been moved back to the 3 gallon until the eclipse 12 arrives for it's new home. Without being able to better describe what the mantis click sounds like I can tell you that when a 10 gallon glass tank cracks it sounds like a hand slapping glass. LOL.
Well he is currently in my 125 gal and its a very distinced click and very high pitched. Thanks for the info about morning and evening watching. It seems he is up and working just after the lights come on. Also I dident know they closed their holes, do they have to make it so complicated to find them haha.