Mantis shrimp online??


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I can't seem to find a mantis anywhere, so I've been looking online and besides and tbs I can't seem to find any. TBS has them but shipping is going to be 60 bux.. and never seems to have any in... Anyone else have any other suggestions?
Wow, I went there b/c im still looking for a Odonodactylus Scyllarus, but WOW, 30$!!! and 64$ Shipping!!!. my dad gets them for 6 or less!! I better just ask my LFS to get one for me and ill pay for it when they gret it in .
Mantis for Sale

Mantis for Sale

We have a Mantis Shrimp like you are looking for. We are located in Roanoke, VA about 3 hours from you. Please reply if you are interested. It is 1.5 inches long. KJO