Mantis tank mate


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I've been looking for a fish that would be "ideal" to add to my mantis tank. It is only a 12g eclipse so there isn't much room. I keep him well fed so I dont think he'll kill just to kill (although i've been known to be wrong). I've currently got a decorator crab in there with him that he hasn't harmed in 2 weeks. Even when i didn't feed him for 4 days. Don't know if he doesn't see him or doesn't know what to make of him since he's covered in hair algae, sponges, and a whole bunch of different stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions on a possible top of the tank level fish i might add. I've heard a couple people suggest a damsel since they are so fast.
I had a 3 gallon nano with a mantis (smasher type) and a damsel. They never bothered each other, even when the damsel went to inspect the mantis shrimp and steal some of his food!

There are some very pretty damsels out there (mine was yellow/pink with blue fins)
Watch out with damsels though; many don't stay small forever. ;)

In my 10g mantis tank I keep a six-line (because Flatworm Exit sucks) and a sailfin blenny (Emblemaria pandionis). They all seem to get along fine, but Tim (my mantis) is very smll yet and hides from both of them... Once I'm certain my Flatworm menace is removed and the 75g replaces the 29g I may move both fish out to see if Tim gets a bit more brave. /shrug
I have a 10 gallon Mantis tank with a Damsel. It has been about a month now with no casualties. My Damsel is pretty tough, it is not scared of the Mantis at all. My mantis is only 2 inches. Not sure what will happen at 6 inches.
Maybe I'll go with a damsel of some type. My mantis is pretty small and well fed(i hope). Besides if i lose a damsel...oh well.