Marine 'Planted' tank

This kind of started out as a refugium but the tank was too cool looking to just let it get out of control so I decided to spruce it up a bit with some liverock and seagrass. I am using it primarily for nutrient export (also has a 8" bed of aragonite) but it's overrun with pods that geavity feed back to the main sump (tank is plumbed on split feed from the return on my 75 gallon reef).

Comments or suggestions welcome.





sweet..looks great, I have a tank just like it, but its not plumbed into my main system, but its ok, I trasnfer pods via sponges. anyway looks great keep up the good work. Oh and where can I get some seagrass??? the ocean? thank you in advance

You have many species to try out(100's) and work with for this sump. I keep a 25 gallon marine planted tank. I use Ulva like heads of lettuce, twisting them and sticking them into the gravel. I had a huge colony of Acetabularia and switched it over to Pecinillus recently. I keep a couple of species of seagrasses. I do dose PO4, NO3 and traces etc as well weekly. This greatly enhances the growth since there's no main tank or corals.

You can do the same for the seagrasses and few of the Caulerpa's also by using agar+nutrients+h2o and push these under the roots. The gel has a small pore size and will slowly release the nutrients into the substrate where there is low mixing with the water column.
You can also tailor the nutrient mix to whatever your desired needs may be.

Tom Barr