Mated clowns turning on each other.


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I have 50g cube with a bunch of LPS and a RBTA that split about six months ago and now both are over 6in across. A month ago I added 2 "mocha storm" Occ clowns to the tank. The only other fish is a diamond goby. In the past two weeks the female has started attacking the male almost relentlessly. His poor little fins are starting to tear, and I want to cut down on this aggressive behavior. They will host in both nems and sometimes in either of my torch corals (until they close). I thought it was a food issue so I uped the feeding and added different types of foods but she doesn't seem to care. She just randomly attacks him every hour or so. It's worth noting that he fights back sometimes and bites her. Then sometimes they will lay in the same nem at the same time. I just don't want to see 250$ worth of clownfish kill eachother. Any idea how to get her to chill out? I thought about jailing her in the fuge for a couple days but I'm not sure that's a good idea.


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It seems to go with the territory with clownfish. Hopefully the female finally settles down, as a male will take quite a beating and at times one has to be removed. Or, unfortunately, you might have two females, and separation is necessary unless they create a territorial "truce."

As painful as it is, I'd watch and wait.