Milwaukee or Pinpoint / Monitor or Controller ??


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to use with my enaly ozone gen.
- i currently just have the gen. running 4x a day for 15 minutes)

what are the differences?
do i want a controller or would a monitor suffice?
-currently jus trunning on a timer 4x a day for 15 minutes each time

thanks - matt

I found milwaukee to be a better bang for the buck, and very reliable,

next monitor or controller, lets see at premiumaquatics you can get a monitor for 94.95 and the controller 99.95, which you think is a better deal?

don't want to use the control part, don't, but I think is 5 bucks that will be worth it, when you get it going and you realize you have better things to do than play with timers, with levels up and down, up and down,

with my milwaukee controller, I set my desire orp level and forget about that part, and just keep clean the probe, and it keeps my orp rock steady and thats 5 bucks I'm glad I expend :D