Miniature RBTA to fully stocked tank?


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Alright guys, I know everyone suggests adding a nem only to a tank where it will have space to move around and choose his spot.

But if I buy a mini, 1inch rose bubble tip anemone, do you guys think it will still kill corals looking for its spot?

I dont mind moving corals away from it once it has found its spot, but will it still severely damage corals while it moves around?


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Opinion only- I'd only fight the battle once if possible. As it grows and matures, it may like more light or flow to compensate for its own size, meaning it may be easier to keep up with a larger one than a smaller one.
Nem's are a crap shoot regardless though. Even once they settle, there really is no "knowing" that they won't move again. If water quality and and lighting/flow all remain the same, you have a better chance at them staying put, but in all reality, its always just a chance.....


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like mentioned above..your taking a chance. However i had success adding a 2-3 inch rbta to my fully stocked 75 gallon.


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I added a rather large rbta to my reef a month ago and it hasnt moved once. Sometimes its just a mater of luck. Right now hes at the bottom with moderate flow.


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They do move and will take out corals in their path. If you can move the corals around until the nem settles, it would be better. The problem is that sometimes they move around unexpectedly months or years after they're added. If you've got a bunch of SPS or other encrusting corals around them, they could be at risk. I'm not saying don't do it, but you should understand the risk.


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Spicer, you refer to the pvc trick. That works for sand dwelling anemones, but I've never known of a BTA to stay put in a pvc pipe. I would take a piece of live rock and chisel out a hole a few inches deep and a couple of inches wide. The feel of their foot attached inside a hole or crevice in live rock seems to be the necessary thing to keep them stationary. Once you provide that, they don't wander at all--perhaps they would if conditions became very undesirable, but barring that, they tend to stay put.