Minimum Tanksize for Pomacanthus annularis


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What is the minimum tanksize for Pomacanthus annularis to live happily and healthy. What would you say would be a good tanksize?



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First, I never had one and I don't think I'll be in the market for one in the near future. The lfs has one that's about 12-14" in a 600g reef then it was moved to a 700g L shape reef. It looked happy and was the king in both tanks. It was recently back in the 600g (now a fowlr) after it knocked many corals down from the new tank. Not sure why but after going into the new tank it just likes to knock things around and could be the new tank is longer and it can pick up more speed. The store owner said it picks on corals but never done any major damage and corals have regenerated. You probably will enjoy a small one for a few years but this fish gets big if fed right.