Miracle Mud come and get it


New member
I have half a 5 gallon bucket full of miracle mud. I dont know anything about the stuff except it is very expensive. I have a ton of it. I dont know if it is good still or bad. it came in the Refugium of the tank i just bought. it was kept wet the entire time, and i know the guy only had the tank broke down for about 3 days before i got it. so total it has been out of a running system for about 10 days. It doesnt stink or smell like death, but like i said I know nothing about the stuff. someone is more than welcome to come and get it since i have no use for it. If no one wants it i will probably fill a couple holes in the back yard w/ it :)
I dont want any money for it, but if someone has a frag to trade for it that would be great. even if someone doesnt have anything to trade and they want it and use the stuff, i am cool w/ that too.