Moisture in salt bag?

Reggae Fish

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Is it a problem when the bag of the salt that is opened gets some moisture in it and the salt get clumped together. Is this ok?


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A little trick we used in the Phillippines to keep our salt and sugar or any thing like that from clumping up, was the take a little nylon bag and fill it with plain uncooked white rice. The rice absorbs the moisture before the salt or sugar starts to clump.

This also works in salt shakers ( but in those you don't need to use the nylon bag. The rice is usally too big to fit through the openings)


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It means you took to long to go through the salt because you didn't do enough water changes. :D

You can test the water after mixing for the big 3 and it should be ok. Does it crumble really easy or is it a rock. If it's all the way in a rock form, then I'd probably get some new salt.