Monti Help!! Zapped Calcium!! PLEASE HELP!!


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Ok heres the story, All was looking great last week until i did my usual water change.
Problems started on Saturday 1/18.

Timeline, Params & side notes:

The prior week of 1/9/09 Discovered SG was high
** I use NSW from catalina.** i usually add Red Sea Coral Pro Salt mix to get the salinity to 1.026 but recent found that my refractometer was off and my actual SG was 1.028-29ish..
so after correction (compared with a freinds refracto) i noticed that my NSW water didnt need extra salt cuz the SG was spot on 1.026. However all looked great and uneffected by SG.

Fast forward to Friday 1/17 11:00am
Did water change without adding any Salt Mix, all looked normal prior to my leaving and not returning until the end of the photo period.
Dosed whole vail of Bioptim

Normal Photo period:
PC's on @ 10:00am to 11:00pm
HQI on @ 12:00pm to 9:00pm

Tank is 1 year and 9months old
SPS since December 09
I Have green Hair Algae and most corals began closing at ~ 5:00pm ish?? dont ask why
Running GFO & Carbon

Dosing & Feeding
Prodibio Bio clean system
CV Phols Extra
Spong Power

Fish Bio load
1 Clown only

Params: Before Water Change
Friday 1/17
Alk = 10.4
PH - 8.0
Calcium = 430 (Salifert)
Magnesium = 1425 (Salifert)
Phosphates = 0ppm (API Kit)
Nitrates =0 ppm (API Kit)
Salinity =1.026 (Refractometer)
Temp 78-78.8 Consistently with Heater & chiller

Saturday 1/18 Noticed ALL coral were LOCKED UP all day and began to fade.. so i did
an emergency water change again that night @ 10:00pm
**Note** During the Water change my heater cracked in the bucket and when i felt a shock whenever i touched the tank water with bucket water.. NOT when the bucket water touched itself but only when i ran bucket water into tank?? all snails and fish seemed uneffected and params test normal.

After Water change Params
Alk = 10.4
PH - 8.0
Calcium = 390 dosed up to 430 same day
Magnesium = 1290
Phosphates = 0ppm (API Kit)
Nitrates =0 ppm (API Kit)
Salinity =1.026
Temp 78-78.8 Consistently with chiller

Sunday 1/19 ALL coral are still fading and locked up, looks like somthing has zapped the calcium out of all the corals.

Monday 1/20 All coral are still fading and Locked up so i Dose Bio Digest (at a freinds suggestion) to stop or outcompete any harmful Bacs they may have enter throught NSW. And also change carbon and GFO again.

Tues 1/21 Things seem to stabilize a bit during the early photo period and i got some PE from all birds nest, but not the monti's then all locked up again at around 5:00pm.
After HQI's went off at 9:00pm some monti's & Birds Nest started showing i little PE (very litttle but more than i'd seen all day and more then during HQI photo period)

Weds 1/22 Early Photo period things seemed like they progressing and i was seeing a bit of PE from all corals
once again starting at 1:00pm All corals locked up again..

Last action 1/22 3:00pm: I changed carbon and GFO again

Sorry for the length but i want to include all relevent information so that yall can help better diagnose my problem..
This is sssooooo very frustrating!!!!

Please offer any suggestions