Moon Lights


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What do you guys think of moon lights like this one . Good alternative to the red flashlight if you want to see what goes on at night?


Theyre OK, but you can only see what is directly under them. A good flashlight is still good to look throughout the tank at night.



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I have a set of them on my 70. rekonn your more than welcome to come see my tank. my 70 is 25 tall 36 long and 19 wide. space em out and you can see everything. if you think about it the moon light in the ocean doesn't touch everything. In my 90 gallon I am going to be using LED moon lights. my 46 gallon uses led and my 30 gallon has led. and 60 gallon was using the same as my 70.


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Hi Rekonn,
I have 3 moonlights that I am going to sell. They look similar to the one you listed. PM me if you are interested.



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Newhere, that is very cool. I was wondering if somebody made something that would mimic the lunar cycle. Think it'll actually have an effect on reproduction for tank inhabitants? I have two cleaner shrimp and a mated pair of clownfish...


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I bought the DIY kit from thelebos 2 years ago. It was cool but it was VERY basic. The LEDS corrode if you do not put them in some kind of protective container or seal them up real well. And you better like soldering.
It worked, but there are better solutions for about the same money. I have since thrown mine away. I don't know about the premade ones.

I was just reading about these: