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I had a post earlier but I was unable to delete it and I thought I should be more specific.

I picked up a tank yesterday and they had some Marshall Island rock in it. Some of it has some green algae on it but not too much. I have scrubbed it and it is currectly in a tub with a heater, powerhead, etc... The only other thing in it is a Featherduster. If I put the rock in the display tank now will that algae spread everywhere or now that it is in a tank that has correct water conditions, skimmer, etc... will it just go away? I don't want to pollute my tank but I also don't want green rock. I'm assuming that correct water conditions, getting some algae control snails, hermit, etc... will have this just go away and start the coralline process.
Am I wrong?
Sounds like you are on he right track. If you scrubbed the rock really good I think it would be OK to put in your tank.
So, I can put it in the display (it's not that much) and you are sure that it wil go away when cared for properly?
My water conditions are great so you're saying it will just take some time. I just wanted to make sure I didn't have to recure it.

If you scrubbed the rock really good and you main tanks water quality is good, then I don't see any reason why not to put the rock in your tank. I think it will be just fine. Test your water every other day for a while just to make sure your cycle doens't go out of control, it you get another cycle.