Most attractive lighting for 12" deep nano


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I'm considering converting from my 20" cube to a 12" (shallow) tank that would be 15"x15"x12". I'd like to keep my clams (crocea/maxima).

I'm currently considering the new Elos e-lite. Does anyone have any other options that they would consider. The primary reason I'm moving away from the 20" is my 250 MH is blinding -- I want open top, and don't want the rest of the room super-bright.

Thanks for any suggestions!
If you are somewhat of a DIY person i would say the aquamedic 70w and a few power brite strips in your own pendant. Just a thought
Thanks for the ideas. I tried the Geisemann once before and got a faulty unit, so I'm trigger shy with them.

Unfortunately, I stink at DIY.