moving fish only with live rock tank


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Im really want a 180 g fish only with live rock but im a building contractor so i move every to years. I have not had a tank of any kind in like three years. I have moved fresh water tanks a lot but am not sure how aggrivting it is to move a salt water. How hard is it to move a salt water tank without losing the livestock?Would it be better to just keep fresh water until i settle down more? Any advice or tips would be appreciated!!


Moving isnt too aggravating.. easiest way to keep livestock is to preserve as much tank water as possible. Use like 30 gal containers.. plastic wrap the tops to keep water from spilling... find a battery operated air pump to keep water moving... but if long drive... maybe overnight fish... like companies do.. in baggies.. but the best way to keep water levels from going nuts is to keep the already established water.. and get the sand that is in water... or reuse sand u already have. new sand will raise your levels... sometimes..
What I have done is buy large cheap plastic coolers and drill a hole in the top for an airline from a battery power air pump an put some of the gravel in the bottom. For the live rock and sand, buy several rubbermaid containers and divide it between these containers and put some water in. Keep in mind they will be very heavy and will buckle. Get some 5 or 7 gallon water containers to haul as much of the water as you can. Keep in mind you will have to still make some fresh seawater when you get to your destination, so leave your salt and dechloninator handy. I have moved multiple times and have had good results with this method.
well i will only be moving like 5 miles each time and i have enough employees that i will most likely be able to leave most if not all of the sand in the tank. Would this help out or do i need to leave the sand/gravel under water for the hole time. Last time i set up a salt water tank it took like three days to the water to clear due to the sand how does moving a existing tank compare.
you will not get all the water out of the tank anyways... and if only 5 miles... then the first thing i would do when u move put in water and live rock.... keeping any fish in one container for last...after you have tested water.... we went from a 55 to 100 gal...and it took us 2 days to get fish ready...
tweety what did you do to sustain the fish for the two days? and will the tank fog up after moving like the inital setup?
we put in a powerhead to circulate the water..with a few pieces of live rock inthere and they were fine
... we used the 30 gal plastic bins from walmart... we had all 6 fish in there.... and all made it...