Moving on up sale (upgrading)


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The wife and I decided to do some renovations this Spring/Summer. We are supposed to start in May so I will have to move the tank one way or the other. Got the wife to allow me to go bigger (not much more than what I have but better dimensions) so I'm selling off most of my stuff. I will upload pics when I get home as I forgot my memory card.

First is the tanks/stand/canopy set up. It is a eurobraced 60X24X24 Lee Mar tank with black silicone and diamond edges. It has a center overflow with 1 1/2" drain and two 1" return with black back. It has four holes on the eurobrace for wavy seas or sea swirl return. It has a home made 36" stand built to withstand a bomb blast with a 16" high canopy. Asking $600

Next is my pride & joy, an H&S A200 2X1260. This thing is flawless and works well, unfortunately, my upgrade is not as big as I anticipated. This is only 4 months old and bought brand new for $1300. Asking $1100.

I have a 1/3 hp inline JBJ chiller. Works great and keeps my tank at 79. Works well with the built in controller. No rust whatsoever. Asking $450.

I have a 40W Aqua U/V sterilizer with 3/4 barb inlet and outlet. The buld is only 4 months old. Asking $200.

Hamilton 60" light fixture with 3 250W MH and 2 VHO. I will include two extra 10K bulbs which were barely used. It has two 10K bulbs (on the ends) and one 14K in the center. Comes with three switches (one for two end MH, one for the center and one for the VHO). Asking $450.

I have about 200 lbs live rock for $2/lb. Full of purple coraline.


Female crosshatch about 5" $150. Eats everything and is very thick and healthy. Doesn't nip on my corals (mainly LPS) and leaves all my other fish alone.

Female Lineatus wrasse $100. Eats pellets and prepared frozen stuff. She is about 2" and fat.

Hawaiian flame wrasse $40. Eats pellets and prepared frozen. Has been with me for some time now. 2"

GSM pair. Female is about 3" and the mail is about 2". Eats pellets and prepared. $50 for the pair...will not separate.

4" Chevron tang. Still has some of its juvi colors but has a lot of purple on its fins. Eating pellets and prepared frozen. $60

I have a 3.5" Purple tang. Eating pellets and prepared frozen. $50

I have a 4" Sohal tang that I've had for more than a year. Eats pellets and prepared frozen. Has been a model citizen. $60

4" Red Sea Sail Fin. Has beautiful markings and eats pellets and frozen $50

3.5" Blue tang. Nice and fat and has been with me for more than a year. Eats pellets and prepared frozen $30

I have a pair of red firefish. About 1.5" and eats pellets and prepared frozen. $40 for the pair (will not separate)


I have a football size bubble coral. This thing is huge and is thriving. $40

I have a branching frog spawn the size of half a basketball. Has at least 20 heads. $50

I have a half basketball size branching hammer. Has at least 20 heads. $50

All my fish were fed with Formula One & Two soaked in Garlic Extreme and vitamins.

PM me with questions and as I stated, pics will be up later today. Thanks for looking.



I will take the following:

Female Lineatus wrasse

Hawaiian flame wrasse

GSM pair.

3.5" Blue tang.

PM'd you too.



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PM's responded to...they are coming fast and furious so please be patient with me. Pics are coming tonight but I guarantee that everyone who buys something will be thoroughly satisfied.

Also, for the people who PM's about the fish, I will need to sell the LR first before I can catch them. The bigger fish I might be able to catch with the LR but the smaller guys are too tough. Thanks.


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All pm's responded to.

I rec'd plenty of inquiries about fish but none for the skimmer or chiller...anyone?


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Forgot to add:

2 Tunze 6080 (?) not sure of the model, but they're not adjustable with magnets- $125 each.

2 Seio M1100 with controller -$150 for the whole set up.