Mushroom corals on the loose!


New member
Today I have found 3 of my mushrooms independently loose floating around the tank. Very small mushrooms. I tried catching them and securing them to another rock, but I was wondering what had happened. Then I noticed the third one was still attached to a small piece of rock, and I think the rock they came attached to is actually starting to chip away. There is loose rubble on the sandbed and white spots on the rock. Almost as if someone went in with a chisel.

Any thoughts on what would make mushrooms jump ship, or make rock chip off?

must be the rocks fualt or maybe it chipped as you moved things around? anyway, if all the mushrooms are off the main rock, then get a rock you like and get the loose mushrooms to attach to some small rubble, then use gel super glue and stick them to a new rock, maybe to a favorite rock or even on a snail :D

i superglued a bunch of yellow polyps to my snails. looks realy good actualy.