My 1st Mantis


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Got this little beaut fron Andy @ Aquaworld in the UK FOC yesterday & thought i'd share it with you all :p


The reason I want one is that they are facinating animals. I've got a dedicated (glass) tank for it. The story behind it is that it's been in my LFs's showtank for two years now. Hes only lost a couple of shrimps in that time although there was plenty of other prey in the tank too.

He often used to stand back and watch it crawling all over the rocks. As he had no probs in his tank, & my species tank is of a similar ilk, I've decided to give it a good home & monitor it's progress.

I did consider putting him/her in my main sump but as my hands are in there a lot, thought better of it. As soon as I released it from the bag, it started swimming (didnt know they could) around the tank looking for a new home. I watched it for a while scout around & now it's dissapeared.

I've put some food in there so we will see if it goes for it. I keep a progress report as and when something new happens. Sods law is gonna say that now I have one, i'll never see it again, lets hope I do...

Latest update - it's feeding, boy is it feeding I added some flake & it immediately came out of it's hole to snatch it. I thought hmmm i'll try some sand eel so I danged/wiggled it in front of it's hole and BAM SNAP wow! I've never moved so quick before but not to worry, the fish was well struck so I dangled it again & it took it in.

Really amazing to watch/feel - you could clearly hear the crack of it's snapper against the prey.

I went down this morning before going to work to check on it & discovered a new one, it covers it's hole up at night by building a semi sand wall - I thought he'd moved the rock but no came home tonite & hes cleared it again. Fed some more flake & hes all well

I must thank Andy @ Aquaworld for this little beastie - he gave it me FOC which was nice but also trusted me to look after it properly (which is unusual ) I also noticed from his shop newsletter that he is in the process of starting up a new club for marine nutters so if you're up for it, join up (obviously if your in the UK :D ).

Cheers for now



they can swim fact, some can jump into the air from a swimming start (i've had one jump to the floor believe it or not - i was trying to net it and the force of its upward swim was so great it just flew out)

with regards to closing the "door" at night, yes, i love it when they do that regularly....i used to wake up in the morning, go over to the tank and see it getting out at the same time...i fed it with frozen food on chopsticks, then off to work i go! sorta like a centipede-looking dog....
Where in the UK is Aquaworld? Anywhere near me (Manchester)?
how big is it? And how much do you usually see them for sale for?

Couldnt be closer really :) I'm ne Manchester myself, Aquaworld is in Warrington. Speak to Andy 01925 483979 & let him know I sent ya :)

Whereabouts in Manchester are you?