My 29gal

True Percula

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Hey finally got pics of my 29gal thanks to a member from RC....I am only 14 so cant afford EVERYTHING for this..Any suggestions?


1st suggestion: Start removing all that Algea. It really makes the aquarium look ugly.
2nd. The rock work looks nice but in my opinion it's kinda risky to leave it that way. Its easy for a rock to tip over.

BTW the clownfish are nice ;)
are you using RO/DI water?

id remove as much as you can by hand(hair algae)

and get your phosphates down. im running a phosban reactor with phosban and its helped alot.
that's why you are getting the hair algea

I normally buy a few bottles of Distilled water at Walmart. $0.79 each :)
Go to your normal LFS, hopefully a good one, and get RO water. It's only .50 a gallon, and it'll help tremendously to get rid of the algae. Then, get 15 astrea snails. I'd say get more, but not enough rockwork. Once the algae's gone, call me for some zoos. A sinularia would look great sticking out of the side of that rock, growing upwards, and a nice gorgonian out the other side. No gorgonian till the algae's in check, though.
yep i agree with everythiong here except no onementioned adding a sterilizer and running carbon off and on. thats what i did and my tank looks crystal clear now. are you running a skimmer richard?
ro water is 25 cents a gallon over at big als. id buy 4-5 gasoline jugs, and get those filled, to use as your topoff.