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Hey guys well as a few of you know, I was going to sump my biocube 14 a few weeks back but ran into some funding issues. So I figured I would get it all put back together and post some pics. Now everybody can get put a tank with a name lol.

Its nothing too crazy. Just a BC14 with some mods.

- Removed the trim that goes around the side and front. (Still remaining is the part of the rim that goes around the rear chambers.)
- Center chamber filled with cheato and grape caulperpa.
- Korilia 1
- Homemade fuge light.
- Also topless with 150W 20K MH
- Milwaukee pH controller
- Think thats it.

Inhabitants -
- Yellow/Pink Reef Damsel
- Lil Red Scooter Blenny (And he eats pods AND frozen foods. Hes not starving. Sorry just didnt want to get flamed for that)
- Margaritas, Astreas, Turbos, just a 1 or 2 of each
- Feather duster
- Green Digitata
- Supposed to be a Purple Acro I bought about dead for $5
- Purple Haze encrusting monti
- Orange sherburt monti cap
- Asst. zoas. Never looked up the names.
- Kenya Tree
- Pulsing Xenia
- A ric
- A mush
- Grape Chalace

'nough talk, time for pics!

I appologize in advance for the not soo great pics.





Im slowly making my way into sps and they are doing awesome in my tank.

HINT HINT: If anybody has any little drops of sps frags they dont know what to do with, I have real estate. (like no ones heard that before lol)

I do a 50% water change every week, top off with lime water, and sometimes have to use a little 2 part.
Baste my rocks once a week before the water change.
Feed rods coral blend 2 - 3 times a week.
Run my fuge light reverse cycle of my tank light.
Feed fish roe for the fish 2 times a week.
I just started using the blue and white filter media that they sell that the coral reef and am extremely happy with it.

Think thats about it for now, thanks for lookin!
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Looks nice. Keep up the good work.

Also, I always have sps frags I am willing to sell pretty keep if you are every interested.


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Fireworm - Thanks! I try to keep it real clean.

Gondore - Appreciate it and i will try! lol. And the cheap sps frags would be AWESOME!