My Water Values


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I set up my water a couple of days ago. I've added the LS and LR.

Today I tested the water and got the following readings:

Ammonia: 0.25 ppm
Nitrite: 0.5 ppm
Nitrate: 20 ppm
pH: 8.2

In the scope of things, how bad is this?


Ah good. Bertoni, is there a list of acceptaple ranges for these water values for reefs? I am having troubles finding a comprehensive list.

Thank you.
Well, after adding another LR (the arched one) and removing some of the smaller ones, my water values (ammonia, nitrates, nitrites) went through the roof.


Is there something I can do to the LR so that the those values won't be so high?

you just have to wait now.. it looks like you have some die off on the live rock tho.. those black spots.. you could take it out and brush off whatever looks black.. the die off is causing your tests to go through the roof. but otherwise.. you just have to wait.. you know its going to go through a cycle.. high ammonia.. then low then goes high nitrites then it fails the the nitrates kick in and you have to do a water change.. so basically now its just waiting.. waiting... o and some more waiting.. til the cycle goes through and all the tests look good
It seems as though the rock is getting darker in spots....


Also, algae has started to grow on the bottom of the tank.

Gonna do a 25% water change tomorrow.
Just wait... Once the ammonia and nitrites test at zero, start adding some cleanup crew to deal with the algae. Water change really isn't going to do much. You could remove the rock and brush off the dark spots where decay is happening.

Mostly, you just need to let the bacteria colonize which takes time.
It won't hurt to do a partial water change if the ammonia gets too high.

But with partially cured rock it should not go that high.

Now is when you need to be partient as others have said.

Kick back and relax.