Need a new thermometer


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I've used this one for about 4 years now and really like it - I'll probably get another for my new tank. It's really nice because it gives you room temp and tank temp. With having a fish room for me it's going to be very convenient to have both reading all in one:

Rainbow Lifegard Big Digital Temperature Alert

One I'd stay away from is the Coralife Digital Thermometer. I've found them to fluctuate to much and the suction cup for the probe didn't last long. They're OK but for our saltwater tanks I think we need something better.

I really like the wireless and might give it a go - very nice to have without wires. Does it work well enough to use on our tanks, not sure but I really like the idea. Here's a link for it:
American Marine Pinpoint Wireless Aquarium Digital Thermometer System

Hope this helps some :).


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Thanks All!

Thanks All!

I picked up the Pinpoint Wireless. Its very nice, I have the unit at my desk and the sensor in the fish room.