need help on pump size for sump


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I'm going to drill my tank for a 1 1/2" bulkhead. This will be on the top back with an air gap to help flow and noise. Then I'm running it to a sump (probably about 10 gallons) where it will be returned to a scwd to alternate current. What I need to know is what size mag drive should I get for return. I want max flow, but want my bulkhead to hand the flow. What do you guys think?


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I have a Mag 5 on my 37 gal for the return with a 1" drain i get pretty good flow on it but for that size tank i would say you shouldnt need much more than a mag 7 at max. I dont know what size the return side of a mag 7 is but i think its the same as a 5 which is a 1/2".


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I would not go with a mag drive.
Too hot, and too loud... I use my mag drives to mix saltwater cause I feel that's all their worth.
I would go with a quiet one 2000 or 3000
Always put a ball valve on the output so you can trim it down if needed for any reason.


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What about one of these? I was thinking the 600
I am going to have to choose between one of those two because I have a $200 or more credit with my LFS and don't want to spend any money.


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600gph is what that size of bulkhead is rated, as is passed around the campfire. Design your piping system FIRST, find your head losses, THEN size the pump based on that information.

Not the other way around.

The reason being, is you want to buy the best pump for your application, and that is where the pump curves come into play. Buying a pump that is too large for the pipe increases the losses and makes the pump run harder than it should have to, and really more important.......spending more than you needed to.

Here is a page with the minor losses for PVC sch 40 fittings. For your SQWD, take a will be close enough.
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He does have a $200 store credit... If the 1260 is too much get the smaller version 1250 or the 1000 series. Still <$200.


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I would look up some threads first about all the pumps if i were you!

I have heard Quiet ones are just the opposite of there name. DO a search