Need help with V2ecton 400 setup on a 275 aquareef.


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Hi I have been running my Aquareef 275 now for over a year with this v2ecton and I set it up as I was told by my lfs which sounded easy from what they told me so dint look it up as maybe I should have as I was told the other day that the bulb needed replacing every 6 months or so ??? I was like your joking really how ? but on look up of how to change this bulb I came across something else that im needing help with bare in mind iv been running this set up for over a year...

I was told to put this v2ecton between the return pump that came with my tank my pump is around 3600 litres per hour
my v2ecton has
Maximum flow/hr: 1300 litres/290

surly the way its set up is not right as my lfs told me to set it up ?
sounds to me im pushing well over the MAX right ?
also since I added this to my tank iv not seen any benefit ?
also noticing green algae starting to form on rocks too ?

my plan is to put the return back the way it was a year ago straight to the main display tank.

how would be the right way to fit this v2ecton on my tank once iv fitted a new bulb maybe another pump lower flow I do have a 1400 litres per hour pump spare but its 100 over would that matter ? and were would the return go from the v2ecton just back into the sump ?

hope iv made sense I can add more pics if needed or answer any questions but any advise would be greatly appreciated thx.


I'm sorry but I'm going through 0 response posts and you have me completely stumped. Never heard of a V2ection.... googled it even...


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Hi sorry I was using the way my manual called it if you search Vecton V2 400 then you will find it sorry about that.