need new fish ideas


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I currently have a 180 reef tank and i need some new fish. What i have so far:

Pacific Blue tang - 5"
yellow tang - 3"
sailfin tang - 3"
blue green chromis - 2"
cardinal - 2" (which is currently hosting my anemone)
tomato clown - 1" (currently hosting my 9" toadstool)
2 ocellaris clowns - 2"
green mandarin
long nosed hawkfish - 3"
round stingray - 3"body
lawnmower blenny
yellowfaced goby

I was thinking of adding just one or two more. I want something that is really nice to look at, like a powder blue or equivalent. and maybe something that would stay smaller. I have 300lb of live rock and many corals and inverts as well.

Any suggestions?


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One genus that is glaringly missing from your current stock are wrasses. Plenty of very active and colorful ones to choose from. They are plenty of wrasses which stay fairly small, are extremely active, and real eye catchers.


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I would stay away from a sixline because they can become aggressive at times and can also eat some of your inverts, particularly shrimp. They are lots of others to choose from which do not pose such problems. This genus is absolutely hudge and there are a ton of fish to choose from. Some of the fairy and flasher wrasses are the most colorful and best housed as groups with several males and one female. If you house flasher wrasses in such a group, they regularly flash their colors to eachother in mating behavior which is quite a spectacle. My suggestion would to take a look at the reef safe wrasse section of live aquaria and pick a few that you like and research them further. Mcorcles (sp?) flasher wrasse stays pretty small and has amazing colors is one example that comes to mind.


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Think you mean McCosker's. There are a few lookers in the Halichoeres family too. I, personally, am a big fan of any wrasse and agree that you should take them into consideration.


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Lilalove is correct. That is what I meant.:rollface: Also, certain wrasses have sandbed requirements that you need to keep in mind. Moreover, depending on the species, you can have problems mixing them so this should be considered as well. Finally, if you are going to try to mix species, probably best to add them at the same time to the display.
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