Need some help with algae!!!


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Hi, I am relatively new with saltwater tanks, with the exception of fish. I am slowly building up my tank, and am having a terrible time with any kind of algae. I have some red grape now, that looks doomed. Also, I am wondering if there is any kind I can put directly in the tank for decoration, that will not go sexual, I guess? Does this not pollute the water? Any advice would help, and thanks in advance!
Chaeto doesnt go sexual, but it can block light below it.

do you have a sump or anything that you can stick the algae in? Or are you focused on having it for decoration?

BTW...great name :)
I would prefer to have it in my tank. I have a sump on my filter, but again, not sure how to set that up for any algae!
Yes it is a GREAT name. Thanks! I am a loyal and devoted Nole fan!!! :D
BTW, the red grape is losing bulbs and turning slightly brownish in some places! Any ideas?
I wud only put halameda in my own tank (and have done so) I have gracilaria and spaghetti in the sump and Grape in a separate prison where no one can escape!!!!

Go Noles!!
I will take some of it off ur hands!!! Just starting up a 125 fuge and will be needin some. Swap u a nice flower anemone.

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I have a number of Keys species doing well.
Generally you need to have enough nutrients for these planmts to do well, many reefs might be too "lean" to get good growth or they might support peroids of good growth, then run out of nutrients that were present, then the plants melt.

Yes, they suck Ca, (perhaps) much faster than Coral.
You can add macros to the refuge easy by adding a light back there. But iof your tank is already too lean, that will just have macro's removing nutrients from macro's in the tank.
That's fine if... you have a lot of nutrients that you need to remove.

There's a few cases where folks have too many nutrients or have a big spike were something dies, rots, over fed, they reworked their substrate etc, and this will cause a melt down.
But it seems to me that a lack of nutrients is often the issue.
NO3 and Ca/alkalinity in particular. If the plants run out of NO3 for long, they have trouble and this effects their biochemistry dramatically.

So feed your fish more.
Focus on the plant's needs. Fe can be added also.

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I bet ya'll were happy:)

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Good info. Thanks. I have noticed a marked drop off in skimmate production as my fuge plants have now started to grow, especially the grape! any tips as to how to get my gracilaria to grow faster? I think i can safely increase my feeding to every other day . . from every third. And i just got my Fe++ supplement today!

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Stop skimming and let the plants do their thing.

If you focus on the plant's needs, they will take care of the system.

This is one basic reason why I know that many folks have run out of nutrients when they have issues with their macro algae.

That skimmate has plant nutrients in there.

So you starve the plants by removing that waste.

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Great, thanks for all the info folks!
Also, I will take some off your hands too live, if your going to get rid of some! Let me know please!

P.S. We take UM this time and on Labor Day, and shut them up for a little bit! Take that to the bank!
Great news!!! I cleaned up my red grape, gently shaking off the brown stuff, and it has taken and starting to grow!!!

Ah, btw, Do tangs eat this stuff?