Need your expertise


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So here's the deal, I've had a 12 gallon nano going for a little bit and I've fallen in love w the hobby. I was able to pick up a 100g tank (60"x24"x20")ish with stand and 40g sump.
So I plan on drilling the tank and either goin with glass-hole overflow or do a "megaflow" vertical overflow instead... Ideally I'd like the megaflow set up so I can keep all plumbing inside the stand but not sure which option is better when doing my own.
Second question is on return pump. For example w the gl####### overflow they recommend a 1800gph return pump.. Is that about right for a 100g tank? I know just from plumbing I will prob lose 200-400gph and I can always dial back w valves but what's my best option?
Oh and pump must be submersible.