new 6100


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Hello: I just received 2 of my 6100's and 1 looks like the cord is pulled away from the back?
Where would i send this to
Yeah, I have seen a couple of these, send it to:

Tunze USA
1304 Monica St
Austin TX 78758
I really just need the actual motor, it can't be repaired we just have to replace it and file the forms and return it.
Hi Roger
what is the turnaround time on the pump and how do you pronounce tunze, is it tunzEE long e or is the e silent.
It is accepted English to say it with a long ee but the correct German pronunciation is with a ah sound like Porsche or Miele. Germans say Toonzah.

Turnaround is normally a day. I am out of motors at the minute but a shipment should arrive shortly, worst case by the end of next week I will have it ready to send back.