New Clown Tang


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Just got a new clown tang and am really excited. But i'm seeing a lot of stuff online saying that the fish needs at least 150 gallons of water volume. I only have a 110 with a 30 sump. Is that enough? And it's the first day and he ate some brine w\ spirulina, but he hasn't touched the Ocean Nutrition seaweed i gave him :( anny comments?


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Since its just day one give him a couple dyas to get settled in before worring that he is not eating food b but he is eting food A

now that being said brine shrimp is basicly empty callorie junk food...

as for the algea sheets put in down on or into the rock work and that will help him decide to try it

what other fish are with this clown tang


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You will be very lucky if it lives, despite tank size (though it should be in a 300g+). If it does it will likely go after your other stock. Not a good choice for a home aquaria.