New Convenient Way to Feed Clams


Hey guys

Wanted to run this by you. I thought this up to make feeding smaller clams easier and fool proof.

In the past, I've had to take the clams outta my tank and put them like in a bowl and then add the DT. Wait a few hours and rememeber to put them back into my tank. Then i gotta worry about whether the water in the bowl will drop in temperature relative to the tank...yada yada yada

Well, most aquarium stores sell this one breeding container. It has a attachment that lets you attach an airpump. It uses the air to draw water from the main tank into the container. If the air pump is off, it doesn't circulate the water but it keeps the water temparature in the container the same as your tank because its sitting in your tank.

So, you could put some substrate in this container, fill it with tank water. Set your clams in. When you want to feed your clams, turn off the pump and dump in the DT. Then set a timer to turn the air pump on in a few hours. That way, it gives the clams some time to feed and then after a few hours, fresh water will circulate into the container from outside.

Also, this gives the clams a chance to not be bothered by other inhabitants from your tank, whether fish or parasitic snails.

what do you all think?


Sounds great. Where do you get them?

Also sounds like a good place to growout frags, as long as your not shading whatevers under the bow.