new mantis keeper


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Hey all,
i've finally bit the proverbial bullet & got a tank to house a mantis in it.
i'm not sure what sort i'll get, it depends on what's around i guess. Mantis aren't as well loved in Australia as they are over there, but we're learning. i've seen some beauties around, but most of them are on the way out, if you get my drift. one of the local aquariums are thinking of stocking them, but i think that i might just hang around the live rock boxes & may just get lucky.
the tank that i got is a little Aqua-One CR-230, it comes with a light & an undergravel plate with a powerhead with spraybar attachement. i know that filtration wise this is pretty poor so i've got another in tank "biological" filter/powerhead, then i'm going to put some "sand" in & some LR as a home.
what i really want to know is, does this sound like a suitable home? i think the tank's about 8g. can you sex mantis shrimp? can a pair co-exist?
i'm planning on putting some snails in the tank as a clean-up crew & supplemental dinner (don't tell Mum ok) & maybe make a coralimorph "garden" or something if the light's good enough.
anyway, any help would be appreciated, i'm going to the "lurkers guide" now to read up, but i thought that you guys may have some practical suggestions for me.
thanx in advance :D
Being from Aust too, I know what you mean about the mantis shrimp love here. :) But I just asked my LFS to give me a call if they found a shrimp on some LR. That they did and now I have a beautiful green G. smithii. All for free :p
Well I'm sure there will be a lot that don't agree on the 'loved' part.:D Well I love mine tho. They are so fascinating to watch.
yeah i can't wait to get mine. i've set up the tank & taken some water from my reef as well as some sand to try to get it started. i also had a small piece of LR in the sump of my reef so i added that in too.
i think that i'll just get another small piece from the LFS to add some different life into the cycle then take it from there.
seeing no-one really stocks mantis here i'll just lurk around the LR shipments & nab one when it comes in.
sound like a good plan? :cool:
Sounds good to me! I got mine off the board here. :D