New orange smasher: check him out!


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Hey, kids. Well, I lent my mantis trap to a local reefer, and he ended his long-term hunt to trap this guy, so he gave him to me in return for use of the trap. (Thanks Fred!)

Well, he's about 2.5" smasher, and I caught him/her hanging out right by the glass and was able to snap a ton of pics. It's in its own 12 gal tank with my chocolate chip feeder stars (yep, got a harlequin, too)

The pictures are pretty close to true color but he's actually more richer, tomato-red, with the exception of his smashers: they have a neon pink edge to them that's great that's not too apparent in these pics. He was hanging out of his den, leaning on a rock with his smasher extended, but missed the shot.

Any have an ID?





When he was in my tank all he did was hide when I came around...photogenic little bugger!


BTW - how did you make out with the power cord?

Fine: Bought a heavy duty power tool pigtail. Works great: just need to buy some longer stainless screws: need to prop up the encaps standoffs a bit more than I thought.
Has he hurt any of your starfish? I am wondering because I was concidering putting some sand sifting stars in my mantis tank to keep the sand nice and white.
Not yet, but given that these are chocolate chip stars, they spend a majority of their time along the glass.
dang that guy is SWEET! i need to get a tank (little one) set up and put a mantis in it....maybe in my living room. just a 10gal or so.

but i don't know where to get one....any suggestions...remember i am in the boonies in South locals would have one.

Roy (Gonodactylus) helped ID my bug as: Neogonodactylus wennerae female. Came in on Gulf View rock.
Ken, I have one the same color - he's in my aquafuge on the back of my nano. I feed him a ghost shrimp once a week and he's pretty active and out during the day. Mine actually hangs out in the bundles of spaghetti algae but will retreat to the little rockpile when it gets dark.