New tank project


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well... after moving to AZ and having to part out my tank in california, it's time for a new tank.

I've been considering upgrading from my 100 gallon that I had in cali to maybe a 300 or a 500, but, the wife soon put the brakes on and help me realize, "I dont' have all the space in the world". Thanks Hun!!

So, after researching what i wanted, and passing up some "ok" deals on craigslist, i decided to get a cube tank.

I saw some awesome tanks here on RC from the local reefers and have to say i was impressed and motivated by sidewinders and chetm2's tanks.

So, my order went out to Tenecor for a 48x48x36 tank today. NOW.... 4-5 weeks of suspense and building the tank stand, buying some equipment I don't have and deciding what to put in.

I'll have some pic's, drawing, and progress as the time goes by, any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Hay O.C. Glad to see you finally got started. Let me know how things are going for you with you new endevors. Cindy


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Hi Cindy,

All is well so far. Working on getting the new tank and all the parts that go with it.