New Tank Setup


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My tank dimensions are 72"x30"x30". I have a closed loop on the back running through 4 outputs, i also have 2 3/4 sea swirls running for the return. my problem is one set of the of nozzles on the closed loop. the bottom set constantly blow up the sand bed no matter how throttled back they are. i was thinking of closing them and getting the 2 pump kit with the multicontroller. how deep in the tank sould i put the pumps to get good over all current but not stir up the sand bed. and were sould i position them. thanks mike
I cannot really answer this with certainty. Their are too many variables. However I do feel the Stream pumps will work for your situation and have many advantages in that you can adjust the flow and the positioning. In general they move a 24" square wall of water so if you place them perhaps 6" from the top you should be in good shape. But again, rock layout, sand grain size and positioning play too many roles in whether or not the sand bed will be agitated for me to give a definitive answer.
I have a 4-5" deep sand bed. i think that 6-8" down from the top would work great. i have about 200-250 lbs of live rock that is pretty spread out, i also plan to have an area that is open to grow some seagrass. i think that your pumps are probably the answer to my needs. thanks for the info. mike
From past experience with Seagrass you have to let it get rooted before you crank up the flow to normal levels. It can be really tough to get growing.