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Reverend Reefer

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hello everyone,
i'm new to anemones. i picked up a green carpet anemone about 4-6 months ago and it disappeared. i recently picked up a tiny rbta, placed it inside a crevasse in the rock and after a couple days, it also disappeared. anyways, today i noticed both of them are hanging out behind my rockwork in the back. they seem to be doing well, gotten larger. my question is, is there anything i can do to move them? they're obviously happy there, not quite sure why though, seems a bit dark in the back there and not much flow either. thanks in advance.


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You can try moving them but, in the end they're going to move to where they're the happiest. All you can do is attempt to place them where you want them and then cross hope they stay put or at least stay in sight.


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The green carpet is probably a haddoni, and they really dislike flow that moves them around, so it may have moved there to get away from the flow of your tank. The RBTA may be avoiding the lights if its new and they are bright. If so, it will come out eventually as it adapts. Otherwise, it could be the flow again, but it would hafta be a lot of flow.


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If you want them to move change up the flow of your tank. Move some powerheads around so you have a differnet flow. If it dont like the new flow it will move and maybe to a better place in the tank for you.