New to clams


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I just got a new clam today and was wondering if my 260 watt PC will be enough lighting. I am not sure what kind he is. I posted a picture of him in my gallery if you could look at him and ID him for me. He is towards the top of my tank. My LFS owner said that i should feed him phytoplankton. Is this correct? Any other ways that he will thrive in my tank? Thanks for your help.


Nope......not nearly enough light. Crocea and Maxima clams demand metal halide in almost all cases. If you managed to cram that light over a 3 gallon tank, he might be OK. What size is your tank?

Even with feeding live phyto, 99.9% of maxima and croceas under PCS slowly starve over a few months and die.

It is for sure in the best interest of the case of the clam to go back to your LFS. Tell your LFS to read "Giant Clams" by Daniel Knop.

Please, please, PLEASE research before buying animals!!!!
What you have there is a T. crocea. As peabody has mentioned, always research BEFORE buying new livestock.
PCs will not be enough lighitng for a crocea, even with supplemental phyto feedings. Adult Tridacnids gain 90% of their nutrients from their zooxanthellae and most of the rest is in the form of DOM and POM so phyto plays little role in their nutrition.