Newbie to octos want any info......


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Allright I am going to be getting a pacific to spot or two ring octo as my lfs referred to it. I will have it in a 20 gal reg. Using established fiji lr. Have a bak pak skimmer and a marine glow light (no). My first attempt was a complete failure so I am going to do this the right way this time. I would love any feedback on acclimation, water temp, water chemistry, diet......etc. I can be reached at Theese creatures are amazing and I was instantly enamored when I got my first octo to say the least. I want to do it perfect this time. Any and all info regarding my setup and/or diagrams for octo proofing whenever and whereevr possible would be awesome. Thanks Guys......


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This may be a crappy reply but most of the info is covered with passed threads...... read back and please ask more questions when they arise...... have fun


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Octo, you and chris should type the answer to these standard questions up and put them in a word doc on your computer. In the future when general/standard questions like this arise you can simply copy and paste them into the thread. Or, maybe have the very first link explain octo temps, likes, dislikes, that people can get an idea of the general care of Ceph's. Maybe copy and paste what is on the description of the Octo on the page? Just a thought, I'm sure you get tired of answering the same questions....but thanks just the same.


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I wrote the basic care sheet for fishsupply and that will soon be updated. I think it is more important to read all the info you can on octopuses before you venture on owning one. A simple pre written care sheet is nice, but there is no substitute for indepth research on these difficult to keep animals. I think one should read every thing they can, every post on tonmo, every article on the cephalopod page and every post in this forum before getting a octopus. Knowledge is the key to keeping these guys. I think there is a plethora of information in this forum. I love to help the new and soon to be ceph owner. I was once a new and soon to be ceph owner and plenty of people helped me. (This forum or Tonmo wasn't around back then either only ceph-list) If you look at the back posts there is some one new getting a ceph a few times every month. If you are serious about keeping a ceph, it takes commitment.
Commitment starts with gaining knowledge. Colin and I are happy to help when ever a question arises. We can't make it too easy though. You must do some reading first. And if your interest holds up though it all... you are ready to get a ceph.:)