No more interceptor?

Cod Fish

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I found a red bug on my Garf bonsai colony and I went to get some interceptor online and nothing. All back ordered. What are people using for in tank redbug treatment now?


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Most folks are using the interceptor they stockpiled last year when this all went down at Wyeth..... Some folks have tried something from Home Depot made by Bayer, I think it's for termites or maybe chiggers, but i do not know the success or failures of yhose attempts so you will have to research the efficacy and dosing and fall out. In the meantime I would suggest going thru your local yellow pages and seeing if u can find a local vet to sell you some.


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I ran in to the same problem. I did my most current treatment with an interceptor spectrum chew tab. It has an extra ingredient in it for fleas, but I have heard successful stories with it so I tried it last night. Ill let you know how it goes. I think that type is still available, but if where you live is anything like where I live you wont be able to find one vet still with the old stuff. It sucks because I use to use it for my dog too...


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Why did they stop selling it?(the interceptor )

Interceptor, No Doze, Excederin, and a couple controlled substances were all made in the same factory. They discovered that some of the medications were ending up in the wrong bottles. They shut the plant down until they got the problem solved. I think Excederin maybe the only thing that has made it back to shelves.


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Interceptor spectrum will work. There is another post on here by jroovers that talks about it.