noisy hydor koralia 2


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just got the hydor i ordered and i attatched the part that attatches to the glass, however, i couldn't get it all the way in. i also opened the power jet and might have moved the motor around in a way i shouldn't have. it's been making noise since i plugged it in and i know they're supposed to be very quiet. did i do something wrong or is a defective one? thanks
If you opened up the two piece housing & possibly removed the shaft or impeller. Check to see if the small nylon washer at the bottom of the shaft is missing. Also when you go to realign up the 2 halves, make sure the shaft is inserted into the hold in the upper shroud...that holds the shaft in alignment...if your still having issues you can email HydorUSA and Fred will get back to you usually pretty quickly....Helped us out when our K3 was acting up :)