Non attaching T max


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I have two T max's, one for approx. 6 months (about 1" in size), another approx. one month (approx 2.5" in size). Both are the gold or brown variety.

Neither attach to the rock. I've got them in places where they don't get blown around in the current (one is in a rock where I chiseled out a small cavity for it to sit in, the other is in a small ledge and I piled some small rubble around it to hold it in place). So like I said, they stay put in the current but all it takes is one wayward snail and boom, they're knocked over.

What are things I can try to encourage attachment? What kind of rock texture do they prefer? Should there be any angles to the surface that is adjacent to the byssal gland? Should the rock be as flat as possible? (If it should be flat, how does the clam stay upright? It will "tilt" either one way or the other).

Parameters for the tank are non-descript. I maintain Ca around 400ppm, Alk at about 4.0 meq/l, NO3 is 0, PO4 is 0. I dose DT's and ESV's fairly heavily daily (approx. double the recommended dosages). Lighting is 2x250 iwasaki, plus 2x110 VHO actinic, tank is a 75g (48x18x20).

So, what gives? It's very frustrating that the clams won't attach to rocky substrate. It suggests to me something is not right for them. Whatever it is that's wrong, I don't know what it is, so I would appreciate any advice.
i dont know much about clams but maybe it feels secure enough that it dosnt want to attach or maybe they dont like the spot and want to fall to a new spot that might be better im probly wrong its just a guess