nuby update


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everyone has been very helpful///thank you all. 25 gal. tank. 45lbs of rock. been running for about one week. live rock was cured and straight out of someone's tank. amonia 0, nitrates o, nitrite 0. added pair of clowns Sat. numbers are still fine, fish are eating. I am itchy to add some snails, hermits, or a shrimp. can my tank handle it or should i wait a week to monitor water quality??



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Wait the week or more and monitor. If you have fish in there already and you've been feeding them, you may see your ammonia go up again.


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when you add snails and crabs you dont have to worry about bio load
with a 25 gal tank you can add 20 of each if you like some add more

but as said above wait till your levels are back to normal before you add them