O. Scyllarus available . . .


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Hi everyone, I just received an e-mail from an online retailer I've had good experiences with before. He has a beautiful O. scyllarus for sale . . . but unfortunately I don't have any vacancies in my inn at this point. Read on if you're interested:


Back in April you expressed an interest in Mantis Shrimp. I have a very large specimen (5-6") available from one of my suppliers right now. Here is a picture. I need to hear from you by Sunday night if you are interested. Please pass this on if you know of anyone else that may have an interest. The cost is $30.00 plus shipping.
Daniel Smith-Owner
Coral Reef Productions
Miami FL
Fax: (603) 971-9604
AIM: Percula
Email: Daniel@CoralReefProductions.com
Web: www.CoralReefProductions.com


Is there a contact number for this person? I'd like to purchase the mantis. I called the number below and it does not work, and the fax line is constantly busy.

err . . . that's all the contact information I have. I've never had trouble getting ahold of Mr. Smith -- and I had a fantastic experience with him when I purchased a T. maxima. My only advice would be to keep trying, and maybe see if he has more current contact information on his web site.