Odonus Niger and Rhinecanthus Aculeatus - different triggerfish together

Is it possible to keep Odonus Niger and Rhinecanthus Aculeatus together?

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  • Maybe when introduced as juveniles together

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  • Maybe in a bigger tank

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Hello everyone!

I did some research on keeping triggers as I really want one! My favourites are the Niger trigger and Humu Trigger!

Now I also see a lot of posts that you shouldn't keep triggerfish together.. Can I keep a Niger trigger together with a Humu trigger in one tank without them ripping eachother apart when they grow up?
Tank mates will be a Zebra Moray and a Snowflake Moray.

Was thinking a system of around 600-800 liter for the 4 fish!

Has anyone done it?

Thanks for the help!
I’m going with maybe when introduced as juveniles but even then, for adult size triggers, I’m not sure that size tank would be sufficient
Nothing can be chiseled in stone about Trigger behavior, except that they will test it with their teeth, and everything looks good for biting. That said, I kept one each of these (Odonus and a Humu) together as very young fish for a while. They never had any issues. In general I would say the triggers within the same genus are fairly intolerant of others in their own genus but can be tolerant of triggers in other genera. I have seen tanks with 5 triggers from 5 different genera and they were fine together. Odonus are pretty laid back as triggers go, like Xanichthys. Many Balistes, Balistoides, and Rhinecanthus are the generally more territorial temperamental aggressive types. I think each in their own genus, a fair number of undulatus and fuscus triggers may well not get along with anything. But it all depends on the fish, since they are so smart with lots of personality... To attempt, they should go into the tank at same time, and start small, with a much larger Odonus than the Humu.