? on nitrates and clams


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I always read about how clams consume nitrates. My tank always had no more then 5 ppm of nitrates. Since getting my clams ( I now have 7) the nitrates register 0. Is this going to hurt them? I feed my fish pretty heavy ( 4-6 times per day) and add DT's twice a week. Should I up this?
Hey chicki,

don't mean to hijack your thread here.. But I've got a similar question, but on the other end of the scale.

My tank always registers nitrates at around 15. I was wondering if my tank would be adequate to house a maxima clam in terms of water quality. Lighting will be 2 x 250w MH's, along with 2x NO actinic.

I too have read that clams tend to lower nitrates, so in essence, the clam would be purifying my water, right?
You should be fine with regular feedings which add nitrates and phosphorous.

Clams are used as filters but not as a solution to a water quality problem. Find out why your nitrates are high and correct it.
I do know of a few professional systems using clam filters. These systems are stable but able to handle high bioload.