open brain ? please help


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hi all, my open brain is fairly new to tank about 1.5 weeks almost 2. i was target feeding it mysis and squid about every 2-3 days. about 4-5 days ago around 5-6 pm cst it released a huge poop(i think it was poop) into water. then everyday since then about the same time it releases a little of this brownish red poop. i noticed last night the colors seem to be fading. it is on the bottom of the tank on sand with med to low flow.

my params are as follows.
alk=10 drops
calcium a couple days ago was 340 which is low i dosed a little
and am on my way up to get tested again. (my calcium test kit is faulty testing at 200 for some reason)

is it going to make it does it need more light/ less light(already on bottom i dont know where else to go with it unless i screen the light)

please any advice would help me


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i have a green open brain on the sand bed under 2 250 xm20k. i also have mine under medium to medium/heavy flow and it really seems to like the flow. i also have mine halfway shaded because i was noticing it was not happy in direct light. also has been alot happier since if got a little more flow.

hope this helps. also i very rarely feed mine. and its skeleton is about 3 inches across and it expands to over 7 inches. have had it for over a year and i think i have only seen its feeding tenticals 3 times. i have also heard lots about feeding them mine just never holds food and he must be getting what he needs because he is growing and looks awsome.

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Sounds like it's getting to much light. The brown poo was most likely zooxanthellae. You can try shading it. Hopefully this helps.